CLJ Gift Guides: Gifts for the Home Cook

Most of you know by now that Chris does all the cooking around here. It’s a real passion of his and his wish lists are always made up of almost exclusively cooking equipment that he’s been eyeing. So we worked on this gift guide together to bring you all the best things to get the people that love to cook or entertain and partnered with Gift Card Mall for Williams-Sonoma, too, since I always end up tucking a Williams-Sonoma gift card in Chris’s stocking so he can get himself a little something extra–it’s the easiest, most well-received gift every year.


Besides that, we really recommend:

1. A Wellness Mat so their marathon cooking sessions are a little more comfortable. This therapeutic mat cradles your feet with an amazingly cushioned layer of support, suspending your body weight and reducing stress and fatigue–perfect for home cooks. $129


2. Marble Cheese slicer with board. We’ve had one of these for the past 8 years and can’t imagine cheese without it. $29


3. Copper Utensils so that every time they cook, it feels like a special occasion. $59


4. An olive wood salt keeper–monogrammed for bonus points! $49


5. A Whistling Tea Kettle with perfect pitch. (It’s on my wish list). $74


6. French Porcelain Oil Container that will keeping their olive oil protected from sunlight and just a reach away on the countertop. $39


7. Chris’s favorite pepper mill that allows you to adjust the grind with 6 settings and comes in 5 different sizes–he recommends the 12″. $60


8. Set of 4 Heirloom Olive wood wooden spoons that they’ll season all their lives and then pass down to their children–like grandma did. $79


9. Wusthof Classic Chef’s knife–start with the 8 inch. $99



10. Granite Mortar & Pestle, perfect for grinding garlic, whole spices and fresh herbs and in making pesto, curry pastes and other sauces. $49


11. Copper pasta machine, to bring all new meaning to “Spaghetti Sunday.” $74


12. Plaid kitchen towels that are super absorbent and will look just as good hanging over the sink as it will slung over their shoulder. $10


13. Shun 1,000/6,000-Grit Combination Whetstone so their knives will always be as sharp as an Iron Chef. $79


14. The ultimate spatula set that is durable, heat resistant, hygienic and real pretty, too. $39


15. A pizza peel because they make the most legit pizza…or want to. $44


16. The best platters for showing off all of their culinary creations. It comes in 3 sizes, is completely classic, sturdy and has handles for easy serving. $20


17. A Smoking Gun so they can effortlessly infuse foods and drinks with natural smoky flavors such as applewood or hickory without the extra heat. $99



18. The most essential stainless-steel pan, that will quickly become the only one they reach for. on sale for $149 (normally $280!)


And, if you still aren’t sure, a gift card to Williams-Sonoma tucked in their stocking. You’re golden.

You can purchase William Sonoma gift cards from Ahold, Giant Eagle, Vons, Safeway, Shaw’s, Acme, Kroger, Hy-Vee, Food Lion, Alberton’s and Hanford. Thanks to Gift Card Mall for sponsoring this post and allowing us to provide these giftervention ideas.


  • Reply December 9, 2016

    Susanna T.

    OMG that skillet!! I literally just posted on my Facebook shamelessly begging for a new one. Our favorite lost the non stick coating, and its like we lost an arm in the kitchen. Its so sad! We have 300 (not really) cast iron skillets, a whole new set of pots and pans we got for our wedding this year, and we use and love all that stuff, but that skillet… ugh. The one on your list is now on mine.

  • Reply December 8, 2016


    Great list, but just wanted to warn you about the tea kettle you chose since I used to own one. It looks and sounds cool, but it has a major functional flaw. To pour the water out, you need to manually push the lid to lift it to let the water out for a clean pour—and as you can imagine when it’s full of boiling hot water, not a great idea to have your fingers right at the business end unless you are wearing an Ove-glove. This version by Chantal (|THD|DigitalDecor|google|D29B+Housewares|_pkw__pmt__product_300563943&mid=sInVzhwSg|dc_mtid_8903yuu57254_pcrid_51166497102_pkw__pmt__product_300563943_slid_&gclid=CJvGvY6j5dACFQppfgodgREI4Q) works much better, though mind you we have had this one now for about 4 years and the pin that holds the plastic lid is now starting to go. But you won’t burn yourself at least.

  • Reply December 8, 2016


    Julia, do you know that Chantal has a copper kettle with the same pitch? It is beutiful and it is the same kettle they use on the show Elemenry.

  • Reply December 8, 2016


    Any recommendations for oven-safe skillets/pans/dishes?

  • Reply December 8, 2016

    Kaitie Tee

    I have one of those Wellness Mats and it is magic! It absolutely saves me from having full body aches after standing in the kitchen for any significant amount of time.

  • Reply December 8, 2016


    Great post! My fiance is the cook in our house as well – it looks like he and Chris would be kindred spirits! These are great ideas. I got Matt a motar and pestle last Christmas thinking he would never use it, and darn if he doesnt use that thing all the time!

    I also suggest for the cooks in your lives – anything America’s Test Kitchen. It’s a show on PBS that my finace is OBSESSED with and they have a whole line of products/publications. For sure worth looking into! :)

  • Reply December 8, 2016


    Where did you get your stockings from?

  • Reply December 8, 2016


    Hello :)
    Does Chris recommend the 4 qt or 6 qt All Clad pan essential pan? We are a family of three, so your suggestion will be perfect for us too!

    PS– It is an additional 25% off today

    • Reply December 8, 2016


      For a family of 3, a 4qt is perfect. However, if you entertain a lot or want to make a large pot roast in it, you may want a 6qt.

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