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Built-in bunkbeds by Chris Loves Julia

We left last Monday night, the 21st, for Florida to spend Thanksgiving with Chris’s brother and family. It was an amazing time filled with food, that warm sun, swimming, and, yes, we took the girls to Disney World, too. We got home Wednesday night and these two went straight for their bunkbeds. There were a few questions about Faye transitioning to a bunkbed out of the crib when I posted the snapshot on Instagram. She actually doesn’t sleep down here yet. We have a goal to make the transition fully by the end of January. But every night, she comes down and lays in her bed and we read books all together and then I tuck her into her crib. She is very anxious to sleep in her bunkbed, which is exactly what we want. For her to sleep all night in a big bed, and still take a good nap during the day and not get up–right now, it’s just too tall of an order for our sweet 2 year old. But we’re in no rush.

All that to say, vacations are exhausting. We all went to sleep by 7 (which I guess is 9 Florida time) and slept 12 hours. There’s no place like home. Because of the vacation over Thanksgiving, we actually haven’t decorated for Christmas completely yet, so we’re excited to deck the halls this weekend and share a few of those festive updates around the house next week.

More fun things this week!

Gimme this whole Christmas-y lodge living room.

#LightTheWorld is a beautiful service-oriented way to spend this Christmas season.

I loved the way Naomi Stein of Design Manifest took this bench up a notch by recovering it with pretty fabric. High/Low at its finest!

I was working working on a Christmas jammie round up for kids, since we always give our girls one present to open on Christmas eve and it’s ALWAYS pajamas. But it seems like people are stepping up their game! Now there are whole family Christmas pajama sets. Target definitely has my favorite–I’d wear all 20 of them–and they are 25% off this week!

A year ago, we gave a video tour inside of our kitchen cabinets and it’s strange how almost nothing has changed in a year.

I’ve been battling bags under my eyes since I had my first baby. I’ve been reading about how this microneedle derma roller could be the miracle solution, but am I weird for being scared to roll needles over my under-eye?! (I’ll report back.)

Thanks to all the positive feedback on our gifts guides so far! We have a few more coming your way, but you can check out the 2016 gift guide so far right here, including gifts for him, gifts for her, gifts for the empty-nesters, gifts for kids and gifts for the home-lover.


  • Reply December 2, 2016


    I got worried that the micro-needle roller page showed transmission supplies below it…as in car transmissions!

    I really appreciated the tour of your cabinets, since we’re about to do IKEA cabinets with almost all drawers in the lowers. Seeing yours in use, especially with the hidden drawers, is very helpful. I may do some tweaking to the plan, but as it stands, my kitchen is going from three drawers, one of which is only six inches wide, to fourteen drawers. I can’t wait!

  • Reply December 2, 2016


    Please don’t get that micro needle off Amazon! The needles are scary long! Definitely get the Rodan + Fields one!

    • Reply December 21, 2016

      Lindsey Naslenas

      Yes! Please get Rodan + Fields. So so much safer!! Also, the eye cream is amazing for bags!!

  • Reply December 2, 2016


    We got the Target buffalo check pjs for the kids to wear in their Christmas pix and they turned out SO CUTE! Of course my 13 yr old daughter hated matching my 2 yr old son but I told her we were doing matching pjs every year now. And next year we’ll have a baby to add to the mix! :)

  • Reply December 2, 2016

    Vicki Elish

    I absolutely love what you and Chris have done to your kitchen, pantry, laundry rooms. Thanks for the tour of your cabinets. I love the idea of going with all drawers. Makes so much sense.

    If you want to use a microneedle roller on your face, I would highly recommend checking out Rodan & Fields. Much more expensive but proven results and 60-day money back guarantee on all of their skin care products. Use for 60 days and if you don’t see results, return for complete refund. I use their Reverse and Refine regiments and they are amazing.

    • Reply December 2, 2016


      I was just looking at that! Might put it on my Christmas list. :)

  • Reply December 2, 2016


    Is the link for the bench right? I’d love to buy it but the link takes to a locked website, not a product page…

  • Reply December 2, 2016


    Sorry, just wanted to clarify. By “very anxious to sleep in her bunk bed,” do you mean anxious as in worried? Or anxious as in eager? Possibly both? Also, how did Greta feel about moving out of her bedroom?

    I have a 3yo and a 5mo and want them to eventually share a room. Our rooms aren’t big enough for two twins, so we will have to do bunks too. Very interested in seeing how your girls transition!

    • Reply December 2, 2016


      Oops, anxious as in eager. Not worried at all. In fact we’re trying to flush out all the worries by letting her last in the bed every day for some time. A friend of mine did this for a months and had great success when it was finally time for the transition. Greta was a climber so we didn’t really have a choice moving her out of a crib, unfortunately. But she wasn’t the best napper after we switched so we’re taking our time with Faye.

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