Ep 24: Choosing The Best Art For Your Home

Ep 24: Choosing Art For Your Home

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Title: Ep 24: Choosing The Best Art For Your Home
Game: Defining Designing
Show Notes: After eating as many tacos as we possibly could, we discuss Chris and Julia’s epic Halloween party and give updates on the One Room Challenge project. We find out what big thing is next for the Marcums after they complete all the major updates in their home. Julia gives her best tips for choosing art and displaying it in your home like a pro curator.

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  • Reply January 31, 2017


    I hate to even ask, because you do such a great job listing where items from your home are from, but this wooden garden stool has me going into deep deep love with it. Where is it from? My google searches are not returning anything as beautiful.

  • Reply December 6, 2016


    Where is the plaid ottoman from?

  • Reply November 23, 2016


    Preston is the Samwise Gamgee of this podcast. The ring would never get destroyed if Sam didn’t carry Frodo on his back.

  • Reply November 17, 2016


    I finally got a chance to listen to this episode. I love your podcast so much, and I love it that Preston is on it! He adds such a great element. Each one of you contributes your unique personality which makes it so much more enjoyable. I love the design talk but most of all I love that it always brings a smile to my face to listen to you. You all laugh so much and that’s contagious. Thanks for bringing some happiness to my week!

    Also, I thought it was nice to hear your take on the bank account issue. Every family is different but you offered your view on what YOU do. And that’s cool. We have a main shared account at our house too but through the years we have sometimes had another account for one of us to have personal spending money (the main bill-payer usually has their spending money in the main account). I like Kristi’s take on it above though. Maybe we’ll try that at some point.

  • Reply November 11, 2016


    I love the blog and podcast, but the joint account conversation seemed a little one-sided in opinion and judgemental. I was glad to see some other perspectives in the comments above. My partner and I have had our own accounts and a shared account for years now, and I love it. Similar to others in the comments, we pay for bills, food, shared experiences out of our joint account, and also save together towards agreed upon goals. I’ve tried fully shared in a prior relationship. For me, maintaining additional shared accounts is a sign of trust, not distrust. We trust each other to spend discretionary money wisely, and we still wouldn’t make a huge purchase without talking it over together. And one big advantage this time of year is how easy it is to surprise each other with gifts! Fully shared accounts can make that difficult. If one person in a relationship were to be making all of the money, I could definitely see just one shared account making a lot more sense. Different strokes for different folks :)

    • Reply November 11, 2016


      Beth, these are all really valid and awesome points! I wish I could surprise Chris with gifts once in a while! To be honest, we were under the impression that Preston and Corine DID have separate accounts and were banking on Preston offering the view points for the other side. In retrospect, we should have just scrapped that segment after we learned otherwise but are really enjoying the view points of our readers!

  • Reply November 8, 2016


    New listener and agree that having Preston is great! Regarding the topic of joint accounts, I think there was an angle that the discussion missed and it’s one that I see most frequently among friends who choose separate accounts and that’s people that generally both make the same income. I have several friends who met and married after they both had established their careers and find that keeping their money mainly separate works best for them because it saves them time. For couples whose busy lives makes their limited time together a precious commodity, I can see where not having to spend that time talking about finances would be appealing. Most of them have a joint account where they contribute to pay for joint expenses like the mortgage and they just take turns paying for things like dinners out together. They all tell me that they can’t imagine it another way.

  • Reply November 7, 2016


    I love.your.podcasts. I usually have at least one ‘bending over, tears in the eyes, die laughing’ incident per podcast. Which I love SO MUCH! I love the variety of subjects, the flow of the show. And Preston? So worth having on. He adds so much to the way the podcast comes across – like a conversation. I listen to “another designing couple” with a podcast, whose show I also enjoy very much, but I’ve thought in the past – they need a Preston!! So… cheers, and keep up the good work!!

  • Reply November 7, 2016


    Loving the podcasts! I kind of have a follow up question on choosing art for your space. How do you know when enough is enough? Is something on every wall too much? I guess it depends on your decorating style but maybe there is a rule of thumb?
    Keep on keeping on, you guys are awesome!

  • Reply November 7, 2016


    I love listening to your podcasts! I’m definitely on the same page as you about joint bank accounts. My husband and I have always shared an account. I worked as a teacher and supported him through his masters and now he works and supports our family while I stay home with the kids. I love that it forces us to view it as “our money” and we are working together as a family for the same life goals. We talk about big purchases before we make them and discuss our overall plan for our money/budget at least once a month formally (with a lot of informal conversations throughout too).

    Also, I was way off on the definition of chic! So funny. I guess a always thought it described a certain design style. However, now that I think about it, phrases like “that’s so chic” make more sense. :)

  • Reply November 7, 2016


    I love that y’all brought up the topic of shared/individual bank accounts for couples, since it can be such a hot topic. My husband’s coworkers think its CRAZY that he and I have a joint account (as if he should not trust me with his money? What?! We’re married!) But I think we end up riding the line between joint and individual accounts – we had to find a happy medium between what our family needs and our own interests.

    We’ve settled on a joint account where our paychecks go, and all of our bills come out of; however, we each take 10% of our own paycheck (so 5% of total income) to a separate, individual account for us to spend (that’s not to say that we don’t have access to each other’s accounts – they’re just dedicated to each of us.) So yes, this means if my husband wants to save up and buy a $1600 guitar, he can, because normally I’d think that was crazy – but he may not think it’s normal for me to own 20 pairs of shoes. So, sometimes we don’t agree on things but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fair for us to tell the other “no.” Our bills are paid, our child is well taken care of, and we’re still setting aside the same amount each month in savings. I think what’s especially important though is not feeling like you have to do what works with everyone else – I know people who completely split their money, I know some with 10 bank accounts for every scenario, and some with just one bank account for their family. But I also think it’s important to not be scared to make changes that will work for you – for us, we had a lot of disagreements on how to save for special purchases, but now it’s less stressful knowing that we each have 5% to spend and that’s our limit.

    • Reply November 7, 2016


      I love this take on it! What a great solution!

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