12 of the Best Flocked Christmas Trees in Every Size

Last year, we got a slim flocked tree for the living room, and I fell in love with the lightness and whimsy. And a lot of other people must have fell for it, too, since this photo circulated all through Pinterest, our readers have tagged me a number of times on Instagram when it popped up in their feeds (thank you!), and even Target picked up the image. For reference, in our living room we have 8 ft ceilings and a 6.5 ft tree, most similar to tree number 6 below.

Playful flocked Christmas tree in Chris Loves Julia's Living Room

Flocked trees are magical and don’t need a ton of ornaments to make them look that way, either. I love this example of two side by side for a big impact! For a tree like this, you’ll want one like number 4 or 11 below.

Side by Side flocked trees in Rachel Parcell's home

Or, if space is limited, a smaller one (like number 2 below) still adds so much to the room.

Tabletop Flocked tree

You can flock your current tree with this flocking powder (that got good reviews) or if you’re ready to take the plunge, I’ve searched high and low for a variety of flocked tree types and sizes that I would happily put in any (or every!) room in our home.  Most of the trees come in multiple sizes from 3ft-12ft so check out the information after the round-up to see which size would work best in your home. And I think every one I rounded up is quick ship! (But will likely sell out quickly.)

The Best Flocked Christmas trees available online from 3' to 12' tall

1. 6.5′ | 7.5′ Flocked Utica Fir Tree pre-lit starting at $344
2. 4.5′ Flocked Alaskan Pine Tree pre-lit $191
3. 7.5′ Slim Flocked Utica Fir Tree pre-lit (with multi-colored lights here$337 
4. 7.5′ Heavy Flocked Layered Spruce Pre-lit Christmas Tree $249
5. 7.5′ | 9′ | 10′ Narrow Flocked Austin Pine Pre-Lit Slim Christmas Tree (so cute!) starting at $199
6. 7.5′ | 9′ Classic Flocked Slim Pre-Lit Christmas Tree starting at $219
7. 9′ Pre-lit Flocked Alaskan Christmas Tree $819
8. 4.5′ | 6.5′ | 7.5 | 8.510′ | 12′ Flocked Slim Sierra Christmas Tree starting at $183
9. 3′ 4′ 6′ Slim Flocked Kodiak Spruce Tree with lights and globe lights starting at $89 
10. 7.5′ | 9′ Pre-Lit Lightly Flocked Whiteland Pine w/Laser Glitter starting at $219
11. 7.5′9′ | 12′ Flocked Pine Long Needle Prelit Artificial Christmas Tree starting at $359
12. 3.5′ | 6.5′ 9′ Flocked Alberta Artificial Christmas Tree with Warm White LED Lights starting at $125


I know I usually post a “Casual Friday” every week, but I just had to squeeze this virtual tree farm post in, since everyone seems to be decorating soon so let’s do a Casual Saturday tomorrow!


  • Reply January 10, 2017


    I just got a flocked tree and I am worried about it yellowing. How do you prevent this? Any special tips about storing a flocked tree?

    Thanks! Love all you do!

    • Reply January 10, 2017


      Hmm, we haven’t had any issue with ours for the past two years.

  • Reply November 26, 2016

    Katie j

    Thanks for this post. I was looking for a slim tree and bought #6. Just got it today and it looks beautiful!

  • Reply November 25, 2016


    I just got one and discovered it is very hard for little kids to hang ornaments on the tree ?. I had to put hooks on each ornament and it is still difficult. It does look amazing though… we got one from Lowes.

  • Reply November 21, 2016


    I have admired flocked trees for years! QUESTION: How does it do in storage? Does a little of the flocking come off each year? Does it make a mess? Does it look as good after storage? Thanks!!!

    • Reply November 21, 2016


      We keep it in a box in storage, and it still looks great.

  • Reply November 20, 2016


    My grandma always had a white christmas tree. the pictures remind of her.

  • Reply November 19, 2016


    I’ve read that flocked trees can be messy. Does the flocking flake off?

  • Reply November 18, 2016


    Thaaaank you for doing this post, I have been considering buying a new (flocked) tree or just flocking my own. This helps a lot! Thank you!


  • Reply November 18, 2016

    Izzy K

    I absolutely love this sort of tree, I find it looks so festive. And it makes your living room look so cosy, thanks for sharing :)


  • You read my mind!! I’m so into flocked trees this year. I think one would bring a certain coziness to our Austin, Texas living room, even when it’s 80 degrees outside. I’m trying the DIY version to keep costs down and majorly crossing my fingers that it’s successful! Happy to know of these options if my project is a total fail. Great roundup, thank you, Julia!

  • Reply November 18, 2016


    Beautiful! I also love #5.
    Can you tell me where you got the photo/art ledge that is mounted above your sofa? I looked for the source on here, but wasn’t able to find it. Thanks and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    • Reply November 18, 2016


      They made it!
      Search the site ;)

  • Reply November 18, 2016


    Great info! Going to save this for next year

  • Reply November 18, 2016


    Now I’m not so sad that half the lights on my tree stopped working this year. Just an excuse to get a flocked tree?! These are gorgeous!

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