Ep 23: Upgrades, Deadlines, & Lawsuits

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Title: Ep 23: Upgrades, Deadlines, & Lawsuits
Game: Guess That Crazy Lawsuit Fine
Show Notes: Julia, Chris and Preston talk about what they have going on right now, a few hiccups they’ve experienced and the chaos resulting from trying to juggle so many projects at once. They also talk about how to stay motivated at the end of a project to see it through, outdated email etiquette and why our homes are just lawsuits waiting to happen.

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  • Reply October 26, 2016


    I love your podcast so much!!! The 3 of you have such an amazingly funny connection. I just wish I could access all the American shops you talk about. I want to see what Sears is like do I’m in on the joke. Anyway please don’t stop, we Aussies love you guys!!

  • Reply October 26, 2016


    Guys, oh my goodness. I’m in flight on my way to wait for it… Idaho(!) for a work project and literally had to turn the podcast off when I was only 5min in because I was laughing too loudly. Thanks for the laughs, I can’t wait to finish the episode when I’m in a slightly less compact and crowded place :)

  • Reply October 26, 2016


    Re: Email salutations… In a back and forth, one on one conversation, dropping them makes sense. But tone is a legitimate concern in email conversations so I would be thoughtful before dispensing with them in other situations. Especially if you’re making a request or delivering some kind of negative feedback, you want to make sure your tone doesn’t come across as barking at someone. Leaving out the niceties could come across that way, especially if everyone doesn’t know each other well. Also, if you commonly send emails with a lot of people copied, you should address your message to ether the group at large or the specific person who needs to take action on your message. It’s actually bad email etiquette to send a non actionable email, which would include sending a message to a group without identifying the person you are actually expecting to respond.

    Not saying any of this is the best way for things to be, but these are the realities of business emails. How you deliver a message does realistically affect how you other people will respond. People are not robots.

  • Reply October 25, 2016


    In reference to lawsuit waiting to happen link. That is why we have an umbrella insurance policy. You can’t be too cautious.

  • Reply October 24, 2016


    Target has a lot of Twin XL sheets, too! They’ll probably go on sale again after the new year since that’ll be the start of the spring semester. And Target is really stepping their game up in the design world lately; we were just there the other day and there were a lot of things that I would expect to see in like West Elm or C&B but with Target prices!

  • Reply October 24, 2016


    The reason I look forward to monday’s – your podcast!

  • Reply October 24, 2016


    You guys never fail to make me giggle. PBTeen has a great selection of twinXL sheets.

    • Reply October 24, 2016


      I love their gold dots and black hearts, but I was curious how a sheet could be Twin/TwinXL? How can it fit both? If my Sears sheets don’t look right (hahaha), I’m getting them though!

      • October 24, 2016


        I bought sheets from PB teen for my daughters regular twin bed, they are just a little longer but so elasticized I can definitely see how it can be stretched. Super cute! good option for a 2nd set : )

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