Ep 21: Life is a Mixing of All Kinds of Things – Blending Styles In Your Home

Chris Loves Julia - Full Kitchen Reveal

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Title: Ep 21: Life is a Mixing of All Kinds of Things – Blending Styles In Your Home
Game: Taboo
Show Notes: In this episode, Chris and Julia celebrate one year in their new kitchen by revisiting some of the things they love most about it, as well as sharing a few recent additions they’ve completed. They also talk about blending styles and give some advice on how to make that work in your home, and how to choose which styles you should/could blend.

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  • Reply September 28, 2016


    I’m a huge fan fan of french fries dipped in a frosty! Delicious! Fun podcast this week! I listen every week and I wish there were more home decor/DIY podcasts out there. Great alternative to reading blog posts while at work. ;-)

  • Reply September 27, 2016


    This podcast made me laugh as always. I’m sorry the boys were ripping on you so much about your love of dipping Wendy’s French fries in a frosty. It is delish, and clearly, I’m chalking this up to being a Pittsburgh girl thing. Love that you’re from the ‘burgh. I look forward to listening to your podcasts each week!

  • Reply September 26, 2016

    Tonya Lynn

    Hmmm… Still not seeing this weeks podcast on iTunes? I’m subscribed and haven’t changed any settings (unless maybe because I deleted some of the useless apple apps on my phone – but I still have podcasts.)

  • Reply September 26, 2016


    For some reason, thI’d weeks and last week’s podcast are not showing up on Stitcher… :/

    • Reply September 26, 2016


      Grr!!! I don’t know why that keeps happening. Have you tried using Google Play on your computer?

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