A Glider and a Revamped Ottoman

Last week our glider for the nursery arrived! I shared several I was deciding between here and ended up going with one I didn’t list–the Graham glider from West Elm. I almost went with the Sweep Swivel chair that I depicted, but after learning it just swiveled and didn’t glide, I decided on the Graham in Dove Gray.


Sadly, we can’t unwrap it just yet because of our flooring project, but the chair is a good size and nice, warm and soft gray that can transition to any other room down the line. I pulled the trigger during President’s day, so I got a screaming deal on it–which is always a perk.


I opted out of the matching ottoman for a couple reasons. First, matchy matchy. But also, I don’t particularly like gliding ottomans. I prefer something to ground myself–something stationary I can push off of. Aaanndd, I already found this beaut for $2.50 at the thrift store:


Okay, it’s not the most beautiful or vintage-chic find ever, but the height was right. It was stationary. Cheap and full of potential. In thirty minute’s time and with a few things I had around the house, I gave her a little makeover:


The legs of the ottoman were a fake, bad brass that had chipped in a lot of places.


After unscrewing it from the top, I gave it a few light coats of gold spray paint (the same I used for the frame of baby F’s giant letter art here).


Krylon’s gold spraypaint is a little more of a rose gold, in my opinion–which is exactly what I wanted for this room so it worked beautifully. If you want something a little less rose gold and a truer brass or warm gold, this gold spray paint comparison post might be helpful. While the legs were drying, I tackled reupholstering the top. It just took one of Ikea’s faux sheepskins I had around the house and a little hot glue.


I started out using a staple gun, but the underside of the cushion was pretty much cardboard, so they wouldn’t stay secure. The glue gun worked much better. Also, word to the wise: cutting one of these faux furs is a little bit messy initially. I trimmed some of the edges and worried that I had made a critical error as it seemed the whole thing was unraveling. But after securing the edge in place with a little glue, I could see that just the long strands where I had cut had come off exposing a fluffy underside. Everything but that row was still attached. Just a head’s up, don’t panic.


I reattached the base and that was that–my little thrift store score had a new life.


I like that it looks a lot more expensive than $2.50, or even $20 (for the faux sheepskin + spray paint + ottoman if I did have to go buy those)–but it’s not precious. I hope it lasts a good long time, but since it is living in the nursery, I feel so much better spending pennies on an ottoman I love maybe just as much as one I could have spent hundreds on.


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  • Reply March 6, 2014

    Clever Girl Reviews

    I love the remake of that ottoman!

  • Reply March 5, 2014

    Kathryn Ferrie

    This is gorgeous! I love the footstool!

  • Reply March 5, 2014

    Rebecca Lemon

    I LOVE this glider! I am really curious how you like the velvet with Charlie’s hair. I have three cats and velvet is a fabric I’ve steered clear of. Would love to hear your thoughts once it is in use!

  • Reply March 5, 2014

    caroline [the diy nurse]

    It’s like you read my gold and faux fur loving mind. Yes and yes.

  • Reply March 5, 2014

    Michelle | Birds of Berwick

    Fantastic! I love this ottoman!

  • Reply March 5, 2014


    I have the Graham Glider in my baby’s nursery and have been using it for 6 months and I have to say I LOVE IT! I am taller too and it’s the perfect height for me to lay my head back. It is 100% worth the money! Excited to see the rest of your nursery complete.

  • Reply March 5, 2014


    Love the chair! Love the ottoman! I love the texture the faux sheepskin adds.

  • Reply March 5, 2014


    I LOVE this little stool, it looks so great! I’ve been looking on craigslist for the perfect little footstool for our living room. I’ve yet to find it!

  • Aw! Cutie McCutes.

  • Reply March 5, 2014


    Great job on the ottoman!!! It looks so chic now, and for such a great price.

  • I love the chair and the ottoman! Great DIY. Can’t wait to see it all in the room. And seeing your spray paint reminded me to thank you for the great ‘gold comparison’ post you did. I recently read that and find it very informative.

  • Reply March 5, 2014


    we just got the same chair for our baby’s room! it was tough throwing down that money, but we figured heirloom-quality piece that would look good in any room > cheaper version that looks very nursery-specific and could deteriorate easier over time. we’re also working with a similarly sized space, and it’s feeling a little crammed, so I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys do.

    • Reply March 5, 2014


      Great minds, eh?! I can’t wait to get it (and the rest of the furniture) into the nursery. Hopefully by the end of next week!

  • Reply March 5, 2014


    I am just dying over this!!!!!!!! What a great find/transformation. High five!

  • I am obsessed!! It looks amazing. The nursery is going to be stunning! xx

  • Reply March 5, 2014

    Rebecca W.

    I get jealous after seeing your glider posts that I never bought one for our nursery.

    • Reply March 5, 2014


      Aww, it seems like some people don’t use them as much as others. We went the super cheap route the first time around and I logged so many hours in that uncomfortable thing for over a year, that we were more inclined to invest in a comfier one for this baby.

      • March 5, 2014

        Rebecca W.

        I just sit in bed with my little one to nurse because I could never get comfy in the firm rocking chair we had.

  • Reply March 5, 2014


    I love the ottoman! It looks great & now I want one for our loft.

  • Perfect for a nursery!

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