The Nursery Mood Board: Sweet + Sophisticated

If you follow us on Instagram (@chrislovesjulia), you know that we had a little pre-term labor scare on Sunday that sent us to the hospital. I’m home and doing much better now resting in bed, but when the nurse asked us if we had a carseat for the baby with us–I fa-reaked. Because this baby can’t come yet! And, also, we absolutely did not have a carseat. Or the nursery in order. Or even a name. It all became very real–this little girl is coming soon, and we aren’t even close to ready.

Since being forced to lay down and take it easy, I finally had time to put together a mood board so you, too, can see the direction we’re headed in the nursery. So far, we have painted the crib, walls, and got an area rug–that had a few of you scratching your heads how it read “nursery.” The vibe we’re going for is charming, calm and a little sophisticated–which looks a little something like this to me:
Nursery Mood Board
1. This mobile, Chris and I both deemed our favorite–separately! That has to be some sort of miracle. It’s whimsical and sweet, but something that can continue to hang even when it isn’t necessarily over a crib. Pretty.

2. I really love Ashley’s illustrations. They are colorful, textural, unique and exercise restraint in the right places. He is really talented. This owl is one of my favorites.

3. We need a glider, desperately. Greta very rarely took a bottle, and if she did–it was pumped (she wouldn’t swallow a drop of formula), so I exclusively nursed for 12 months with her, logging hours and hours in our cheap-o glider. It was worn and sunken by the end of that year and we’ve since passed it on to someone in need. This time around, I am looking for something comfortable, durable and beautiful. This one, I wouldn’t mind spending endless hours a day in.

4. The rug, you’ve seen. We got it at West Elm on clearance.

5. I am not a fan of a gliding ottoman accompanying my gliding chair. Like, how do you control the rocking when everything is moving?! I do love something to prop my feet on though. This pouf is ca-ute!

6. Seersucker crib sheet…or six.

7. I’m loving everything about this light fixture. The shape, black lining and brass detail is something that can definitely stay in this room for the long haul–even after it is no longer a nursery.

8. This dresser is astronomically expensive–but oh so gorg. I’m feeling pretty confident we can pull a copycat off. Stay tuned.

Although I can’t do too much physically for the next couple days–shopping online is totally fair game. Woot. Do you catch the vision of the nursery now? I am trying to be especially conscious to include pieces that can transition into a “big girl room” down the road or other areas of the house, too. Can’t wait to see it come together.



  • Reply September 21, 2014


    Marvelous content, thanks for sharing !!

  • Reply January 24, 2014

    Lauren C

    That dresser looks a whole lot like the Ikea HEMNES 8 drawer dresser with a few pieces of molding added and a fresh coat of paint. I can speak from experience that the dresser rocks and holds up very well. Good luck with everything, love the direction you’re going with this room!

  • Reply January 23, 2014

    Jessica Mortimer

    We painted a vintage dresser a color that looks REALLY close to that dresser’s for my son’s nursery. The paint was Benjamin Moore’s Antiguan Sky, and I chose it because it was a close match to an actual robin’s egg. If you type “Antiguan sky” into the pinterest search bar, you can see the photo/blog post that I was influenced by. Love the mood board! I’m excited to see how it pulls together! Take good care of yourself and that baby!

  • Reply January 22, 2014


    I like the look you are going for. I don’t care for the days of past “cutesy” nurseries. Meanwhile, you take care of yourself and rest, Julia. My prayers are with you. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

  • Reply January 22, 2014


    Love all of your choices – esp. the light and the rug. Makes me wish I could do all of it again. My first came so early we only had the room painted – we didn’t even have a crib! Luckily, he had to stay in the hospital while my hubby ran around getting all of the stuff we needed. Good for you for making all of your choices! Hope you are doing better soon!

  • Reply January 22, 2014

    Meagan Briggs

    that owl!!! I love your taste in artwork. I would love to add something like that to the girls room.

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