5 Gifts a Foodie Would Totally Love But Might Not Buy For Themselves + A Wüsthof Cheese Knife Set Giveaway

Most people have things they want that they can’t justify buying because they can get by with something not quite as good, that’s still functional. Well, I use Christmas as an excuse to buy people the things they really want, not just the practical versions. So while browsing Williams-Sonoma’s website the other day, I found 5 things that I, as a food guy, would love to have. No, I am not getting paid by Williams-Sonoma to post this. They aren’t even affiliate links. I just love that company and love these products. Check it.

1. Boos Walnut Reversible Over-Edge Carving Board

Boos makes an incredible cutting board, and this one is a dream. The lip on the edges helps the cutting board stay firm in place, no matter what you’re cutting. The dark walnut is exquisite and its reversible design allows for carving or general chopping. It’s also large enough for an average-sized turkey or maybe a prime rib. Straight up, this is a crazy-awesome cutting board.

2. KitchenAid Stand Mixer Pasta Roller Attachment

One of the great benefits of being KitchenAid owner is the attachments. There are so many to choose from, and the pasta roller is one of the most popular. Even so, I don’t have it. I’ve been getting more and more into making bread and pasta lately, and the last time I tried using our pasta roller the whole thing got jammed and broke. It was a really cheap pasta machine. So even though I don’t have the KitchenAid pasta roller, I’ve known others who have, and they’ve sung its praises. Therefore, it has earned a spot on my wish list.

3. Organic Waffle-Weave Towel

It’s hard to find decent kitchen towels that are absorbent, and don’t leave little fuzzies on your dishes and glassware. When I’m cooking, I always have a towel over my shoulder and would love a drawer full of these. Seriously, like 20 of these towels. I’ve heard great things.

4. Smart Thermometer

There are a couple things I love about this thermometer. First, it looks cool. So that’s good. Second, it has a lead wire. This means I can insert the thermometer in the meat while it’s cooking and monitor the temperature. Third, the lead wire is surrounded by woven metal, as opposed to plastic or rubber. This means it’s safe to use in high-temperature environments, like the grill. And last, but most assuredly not least, it’s WiFi enabled. There’s an app you download from the App store that connects to the thermometer, and you can monitor your food as it cooks, right from your phone. Tell me that’s not awesome, I dare you. I’d go nuts for a meat thermometer like this.

5. Wüsthof Classic 3-Piece Cheese Knife Set

We all know how much I love Wüsthof. And anyone who knows me personally also knows how much I love cheese. So what a great way to mix two things I love. A lot of people have a cheese knife, which is great. But not everyone understands how differently one cheese cuts from another. Cheddar slices, parmesan shaves, feta crumbles, etc. etc.. This cheese knife set is versatile, and has been on my wish list for a long time now.

And that’s why I reached out to my friends at Wüsthof. Now I know that Jules is running another awesome giveaway that ends tomorrow night, but Wüsthof is gonna hook one lucky reader up with this 3-piece cheese knife set, valued at over $300. Can you believe that? First the carving set last month, now the cheese knives. I just love Wüsthof, don’t you?

So there it is. 5 things I super wish I had, and now one of you actually gets one of them! So sign up, share the love, and good luck. And be sure to come back on Thursday. I’m gonna share an awesome recipe for a ham you can use to blow some minds on Christmas. See ya then, folks, and good luck!

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  • This is amazing! My husband loves cooking, and he loves cheese, so this would be an awesome win! :)

  • Reply December 11, 2013


    It’s a great day when the Williams Sonoma catalogue arrives! great ideas!

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