Before And After: Greta’s Big Girl Room

Today is the monumental day when we call Greta’s “big girl room” done-zo.  We have been working on it since the end of November.  And now, four months later, we are so happy our girl has a beautiful room that makes her (and us) happy. It’s warm and playful and calm and fitting for Greta the great.  Here are a ton of pictures that capture it and her in it.
Greta’s room has been the most rewarding room we have renovated to date.  I mean, just look at that smile. A special thank you to my sister, Andi, of Doublclik for capturing Greta in her room so perfectly.
Source List:
Wall Color–Behr Silky Bamboo; Closet Color–Benjamin Moore Peony; Grasscloth wallpaper–Eades Wallpaper; Black Butterflies–Hip and Clavicle on Etsy; Light Fixture–; Poster Princess bed–Vintage; Gold Dot Sheets–Land of Nod; White duvet cover–Ikea; Scalloped throw–Pez Candy from Happy Habitat; Black Stitched curtains–Ikea; Sheer curtains–Ikea; Golden Yellow pompom trim–Etsy; Pelmet–DIYed; Shadowbox–Hobby Lobby; Other frames–Ikea; Pink Balloon print–Max Wanger; Be You Print–Sugar Paper; Painting–by Greta; Greta-the-Great poster–gifted by her aunt; Pink glass closet knobs–Hobby Lobby; Closet system–; Wooden Hangers–; Baskets–Ross.
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  • […] see, Greta has a thing for butterflies. Her last room had a wall of butterflies above her bed and when we moved I packed them carefully back in the box […]

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  • I love it ALL! The wall, the bed, the curtains, the closet…how much gushing can I do before it gets to be awkward? (Without being totally spammy, I included it in a roundup of “big girl” rooms and wanted to let you know :)

  • Reply March 30, 2013

    Kelly @ Corner of Main

    Beautiful! I love that bed and the closet is so sweet!

  • I absolutely LOVE Greta’s big girl room! I want it to be my room! <3

  • Reply March 28, 2013


    I love the overall- the gallery wall, pelmet, and closet especially. But I can’t get over that those butterfly’s looks like bats!!

  • Reply March 27, 2013

    Chris Loves Julia

    Haha. Avilynn, funny somebody already asked for them and I sent them their way. Don’t be afraid to speak up next time. ;)

  • Reply March 27, 2013


    This is so beautiful! I love her gallery wall!

    P.S. If you decide to not use her old curtains anywhere, I will buy them in a heartbeat if you’re willing to ship. I can’t even find a used set on eBay.

  • Reply March 27, 2013

    Caroline Nolazco

    I’m so in love with it all!

  • Reply March 26, 2013

    Lauren Monique

    I love the butterflies! They’re perfect in there.

  • Very nice! Greta looks so happy :)

  • Reply March 26, 2013


    Love the room. Love Greta.

  • I freaking love it! Love, love, love it!

  • Reply March 26, 2013

    Cassie @The-A-Days

    I love the finished product. It was so neat to watch the process come together. The pictures of her using and playing in her room are so special! Good job, guys!

  • Such a beautiful makeover!

  • So pretty. Great job :)

  • Reply March 26, 2013


    What a cutie pie!! She looks so happy. What a rewarding room makeover :)

  • Reply March 26, 2013

    Sadie Jane

    THIS ROOM IS BEAUTIFUL! I love all your art pieces and how it all goes together!

  • Reply March 26, 2013


    Is her bed the only piece of furniture in the room?

    • Reply March 26, 2013

      Chris Loves Julia

      Yup! Her room is pretty small and all of the storage is in her closet. Although when she gets older, we will add a nightstand and lamp, I’m sure.

  • Julia, you guys did a great job on her room! Greta is a lucky girl :). The closet is my favorite part! You have awesome taste in paint colors (as always!). I’d love to feature this…let me know if you’re interested!

  • It turned out to be such a happy space for a darling little girl! I wish I could finish up my daughter’s room, it’s 80% done so far!

  • Reply March 26, 2013


    Looks fantastic! Love the action shots. :)

  • I love how calm it is, so many times kids rooms are just too crazy busy! And Greta looks so darn cute in that little (big??) bed reading her book.

  • Love herrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

    The room is absolutely perfect!

  • Reply March 26, 2013


    How did the paint end up coming out of the carpet? Glad Greta likes her room!

    • Reply March 26, 2013

      Chris Loves Julia

      We had it professionally cleaned immediately after the accident, and it looked so much better, but there is a hint of pink still there. It doesn’t look like they are going to replace it. Apparently for the carpet to stay under its lifetime stain warranty, it has to be professionally cleaned every 6 months–and we have to have proof. Who does that?! So, :/

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