An Easy Closet for Greta Part III: It’s Finished!

Greta’s closet is complete (!!) and we’re stoked to share with you the outcome with lots and lots of pictures today.

That’s the same closet.  That’s the sa-ame closet! I’m going to say we helped it rise to its full potential.  I’m also going to say that “before” photo is embarrassing. I am hanging my head in shame, but that’s real life. It is terribly difficult to keep things neat when there is no system to keep it organized.  In Greta’s new closet we designed, we have a section for long-sleeved shirts, short-sleeved shirts, skirts/jeans, and her dresses on the far right. I love that the EasyClosets closet system is completely adjustable, so when we need room for longer shirts–we can just move the bars around. In the drawers, we stored her underwear/socks, soft pants (leggings and sweats), and the bottom drawer is filled with pajamas.  The center baskets house stuffed animals in one and toiletries (lotion, pull-ups for night, bum cream–stuff Greta wouldn’t want out in the open ;) in the other.

The last thing we wanted to do after installing a brand new, beautiful closet system was put all of Greta’s cheap, white, mis-matched, plastic hangers back in.  So, we ordered wooden children’s hangers for tops and dresses and some for her bottoms, too.
The warm wood looks great with the natural textures in the room–the bed and grasscloth–and really pop against the bold pink.  One of our favorite features about the EasyClosets system is hanging out at the bottom, the sliding bin that we are using to store Greta’s shoes.  So far, she really loves tossing her shoes in (and taking them out–and then back in, etc.) so I am keeping my fingers crossed, we won’t have many rogue shoes around the house anymore.
We swapped out the old turquoise handles on Greta’s closet door, for these pink glass ones I picked up at Hobby Lobby for $3 a pop after a coupon.  I think it is a nice preview of what you can expect when you open the doors–prettiness and more pink.
And!! A happy little backpack from my sister.  It is going to be great when she starts preschool in the fall, but Greta likes to wear it all of the time even now.  Even empty.  So, I hung it on a command hook just above her hamper so it is handy for her to grab and go.
Other little details we included is this little Mexican doll from her Aunt Andi who lives in Mexico atop two books we regularly read at bedtime.  I also framed a photo of us.  Greta loves to tell us who we are in the picture over and over, and I honestly can’t get enough.
Renovating the closet was a small part of Greta’s whole room redo–an add on really–but it has made a huge difference.  We couldn’t be happier with the way the closet turned out and the spunk it added to her big-girl room–a room that we are ready to call done!  But, we’ll break that down next week.
Missed part of the process?  Look back at where we started, designing the closet, and installing it.
Psst–The closet system was sponsored by  We enjoyed working with them and their fantastic product and would use their closet systems again in a heartbeat.  The wooden hangers were supplied by  As always, all opinions and words are my own. Thank you for supporting our sponsors, as they support us.


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