The Kitchen Pliz-ans.

Ah, the kitchen.  We have been thinking about it ever since we moved in nearly two years ago, when it looked like this:

We did a few, very simple, cheap and even temporary updates to get us where we are today.  We painted our cabinets and muave pink countertops and even our previously bisque oven hood.  We took out some upper cabinets that were awkwardly placed over the corner of the counters (making them very hard to get into) and put up a couple open shelves. Those are game changers and are definitely sticking around, we may even add a third!  But most of the other stuff–out.
Before our most recent kitchen planning session, we were going to gut everything.  New Cabinets.  Rip out the corner pantry and come up with an entirely new layout.  That would mean new flooring, which we were also planning on getting–because we don’t love the laminate–but as it turns out, that would be over-renovating and we may never see that money again.  No bueno.  So, instead of the $10,000 renovation that included new flooring we planned for, we scaled it down to a $3000 renovation. And by keeping the existing layout and cabinets–we can splurge (and save) on a few key pieces that will really transform the kitchen into a fresh new space.
These lights, the only two in the kitchen, will be the first (ish) to go! Ew:
In addition to moving around lighting placement and adding new fixtures, we can’t wait to get new countertops, a backsplash, new sink, faucet, hardware (!!!) and even revamp the pantry.  Here’s the game plan:
1.  A third of the budget is going toward tiling the backsplash.  We get that white subway tile is super cheap and classic, but we couldn’t resist the urge to add a little moody color in timeless subway tiles.  Okay, and this kitchen’s backsplash definitely pushed our maybe to an h-yes!:
I know. Those chairs, too. Still deciding on a grout color but we ordered a sample of this tile to make sure the color in person is all we hope it to be.
2.  We have been back and forth about butcher block counters since the beginning, but can’t shake the warmth they add to a kitchen.  We’re smitten and doing it!  Also, since adding the fauxdenza in the living room, we think it would be a cool nod to it by repeating a dark stained wood countertop over white cabinetry.  We are even adding a waterfall edge going down the side of the peninsula!
3.  This fixture is going to hang out above the window.  We like that it is classic, a little industrial, and in an antique black finish it will tie in well with the chandelier in the dining room.
4.  A nice chunk of change is also being spent on the sink/faucet.  I really had no idea they were this expensive!  Although there are cheaper options out there, we are really loving this squared off sink and a half and this one touch faucet.  Gimme.
5.  After we unofficially polled a few of you on facebook about nixing or keeping the corner pantry, we learned it was a definite must-have–even if it does take up a bunch of square footage in our smaller kitchen.  So, we’re giving it a facelift as well.  The interior organizers will have to have their own post once we figure out how to tame that beast, but we feel this paned glass door (painted black) will be the perfect update to the exterior! Right?
6.  Hardware!  Can you believe that we have lived this long without hardware on our cabinets?!  It isn’t like our drawers are a breeze to open either.  Even more shocking…this house was built in ’95…so, uh…time to get some knobs and handles. This was maybe the easiest choice of all.  I love these bin pulls for our drawers (and faux drawers–yeesh) and these knobs on our cabinets are so classic and modern–does that even make sense?  My head has been spinning between oil-rubbed bronze or chrome finishes–but we’re going with oil-rubbed bronze.
7.  Lastly, we are going to add these pendants above the peninsula.  The clear globes will add so much extra light to our kitchen without being too heavy visually. Aaaaand I love ’em.
Also in the budget is new dishware, pantry organizers, a low profile stainless range hood, and new window treatments–we just plan on addressing those things down the line.  Although this wasn’t the full kitchen gut and remodel we were dreaming about previously–we couldn’t be more excited to implement these updates that I think will drastically improve our kitchen.  Who’s ready!?
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