Big News All Around

Bye-bye, January! Get. We are welcoming February with open arms and lots and lots of plans and news!!!  Before yesterday our plans for this month and this year, really, were up in the air.  Chris accepted a new, wonderful job (he’s in marketing) a few weeks ago and he started this past Monday.  He really enjoys this new opportunity, but his office is an hour away. Cue collective groan. One day this week, it took an hour and a half to get there with the bad snow we received.  We started discussing moving.  Like, really really making plans to move to the point we looked at homes, made a list of things we needed to get done here before we sold this house, made a timeline to have it up for sale by April, and made a pros list to moving–all this week.

Then, we started trying to work out a way where we didn’t have to move.  My mom always said if you have a big decision to make, spend a couple days telling yourself–or even saying aloud–you are going to do one option.  And a couple days later, say you are going to do the other. And see how you feel. So for the option of not moving, Chris worked with his bosses who gave him train passes so he wouldn’t have to drive and they even said he could work some hours while on the train so he could still be home around the same time.  We also made a pros list for staying. We don’t do con lists–they normally end up being the pros for the other option anyway. All in all, the pros for not moving were greater than the pros for moving.  In short–we’re staying put, which may seem anti-climatic to you, but for me–after this week–it feels wonderful.  We’re just getting warmed up in making this house our own.

Now that we don’t have to do a ton of projects in the next 3 months, we can really focus on the taking our time with the tasks at hand.  Which brings me to our other big news:

That’s right.  We are finally ready to tackle the kitchen–err, again!!  And we are thrilled about it. Of course there is still work to be done in Greta’s room, specifically the closet, but we generally like to have two (or more) projects going at a time since there is usually down time on the front end of things while we design, wait for things to dry, order supplies and products, etc..

Over the past year, we have really researched what would be best for the kitchen in this house in this area. We want to make sure we don’t renovate over a certain price point, since although we’re not moving now–we will be someday. We went back to the drawing board several times and are now finalizing all of the details and finishes and can’t wait to share with you the exact direction we are going. Until then, feel free to check out and follow along with our Kitchen Reno pinboard–too many inspiring things there.  Really, I wish we could use all 147 (and counting) ideas.

Let the kitchen commence! Happy Weekend, friends.


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