Ben’s Peony in the Closet!

Last week, I busted the single shelf and clothing bar out of Greta’s closet to prep for paint and her closet makeover.  The shelf and bar came out pretty quickly, but I was reminded of how bad the walls were in the rest of her room when we moved in.  Answer: ba-ad.

In addition to all of the pencil/crayon marks it also looked like someone shot a BB gun at the walls.  There was lots of spackle action before I could paint.  Almost 900 of you chimed in about the paint color for Greta’s closet in our reader’s choice poll, and “bold pink” won by only 90ish votes.  We had a lot of fun pin-pointing exactly which pink we were going for.  The pink present in Greta’s art and even in her throw is a cool pink and we knew we wanted something bold–we landed on Benjamin Moore’s Peony.  It is really deep with cool undertones and almost matches the fabric in the shadowbox exactly. Here’s how it looks in Greta’s closet:

This was my first time painting with a bright, bold pink and I was surprised it took just as many coats as our almost-black walls in the living room!  Even with three coats, I was still able to get by using just a quart of paint (although I ended up having to buy two because of the accident).

I ended up painting the whole interior–the ceiling, the interior header wall–everything.  Is that normal?  It felt normal–although this is the first closet I’ve painted. If it isn’t the norm I will say, it took more paint–but it made for quick edging work. Worth it! Chris and I are charmed by the results and Greta is completely over the moon about her new pink closet, I almost feel bad putting clothes back in.

Now, we are crossing our t’s on the details of the closet makeover (which includes new knobs for the exterior–fear not) and can’t wait to share the plans and get started this week.  Stay tuned, friends.


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