An Easy Closet for Greta–Part 1

Remember this mess that was Greta’s closet?

Of course that was taken before the paint job (nice color choice, guys!):

Although tearing everything out and painting it really helped the aesthetic, the whole point of this closet revamp was to make it more functional.  Well, it took us a few weeks to get it figured out–but we finally have a game plan and solution to share with you that we’re excited about.  When we first announced our closet project, we shared this inspiration photo with you.

We fell for the balance of hanging spaces and drawers and shelves and baskets!  I mean, the storage and organization is hard not to love.  I traced this photo back to its original source and found I started playing around on their site–which is very much addicting and user friendly to the max.  You can enter in what kind of closet you have (walk-in, reach-in, or something else) and enter dimensions and basically build all kinds of storage solutions that can work with your exact dimensions.  And they not only have systems for clothes closets, but also garages,pantries, mudrooms, and laundry rooms.  Lots of organizational eye-candy over there.

For Greta’s closet, I wanted a similar layout to the inspiration photo (I loved the three bars, the drawers in the middle and even the slide-out basket below I envisioned using for her shoes), but her space is a bit smaller–and I didn’t need as many shelves. So, here’s what I came up with:

Three clothing bars on the left (they’re adjustable so as she gets older/taller we can take one out) with shelves, drawers and and shoe basket (that’s what I’m calling it) in the middle and then one bar on the right for her longer dresses. We’ll also have her clothes hamper on the right.  After I got it laid out the way that made the most sense for Greta’s needs (including tweaking the widths of each section), I dove into the details.  Oil-rubbed bronze hardware. Molded drawers! Drawer extenders! It was so fun to watch my design change in front of me.

So while we may not be building Greta’s closet from scratch, we’re excited to work with a company that is very DIY friendly from the design to the installation–but produces a custom product.  The best of both worlds! Greta’s closet system is on its way, so we hope to have installation footage for you next week–yes, video!–and then we can officially wrap up her room…that we thought would be done for Christmas.  Comical, but mostly exciting…right?!  That’s renovation optimism at its finest. Anyone else sorely behind on a project or maybe you just underestimated….yourself?

Psst. This project is sponsored by  Finding their site was like striking gold and we’re thrilled they wanted to team up with us, too.  


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