That’s Grasscloth, Baby.

Last Saturday was going to be the big day of wallpapering in Greta’s room.  Really, the most anticipated day for all of us–you included, right? ;)  I tracked the grasscloth like a hawk and watched it make its way from Illinois to us in Utah. It was going to arrive on Friday–prime for its Saturday morning installation–and then when I checked the tracking on Friday, it was in California!

What the.  Grasscloth, you went too far!! When I checked the tracking later that day, hoping it was some typo, the delivery date bumped back to Tuesday. No bueno.  Because we do all of our projects on Saturday (Greta needs 100% of me these days), that meant everything kind of got put on hold. I was really whiney all day.  So sad and uh, pathetic.  The good news is that the wallpaper did arrive. And friends, it is gorgeous. I instagrammed a sneak peak of it as soon as it arrived.

But, I just had to see it hanging.  So I carefully tacked it up so I could get a better look at it.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  It doesn’t look bad with the gray!  In fact, I think it looks good with the gray. Face. Palm. It definitely cools the gray down–which is what I was experiencing with the swatches of grasscloth, but because the grasscloth is so warm–I don’t know if a little coolness is a bad thing? We still have some paint, so we’ll see.

The grasscloth is the perfect color.  I went through about 15 different samples before I decided on this one.  We ordered it through Eades Wallpaper, a family owned business for 70+ years.  They had the cheapest prices and really good customer service.  Like them.  A lot! This is the exact one we ordered. So, while we are bummed we don’t have a full wallpapered wall to show you (thanks to that little California stint, ahem.) we couldn’t let another day go by without giving you a peek.


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