Pelmet 2.0

Not too long ago (at all), we DIYed and upholstered a pelmet in the cutest little cub print fabric.  I think it was described as “cheeky” among a reader or two.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier this week–there was an accident or rather an error on our novice upholsterers part?  Thankfully the pelmet itself is still in tact and sturdy as ever, but the fabric tore right at the inside corner of the decorative indent we cut.

On BOTH sides.

Obviously the first photo is a lot worse than this second one, but the first tear started small and just kept growing like a crack on windshield–so we knew the other was on its way. Bummer.  There was a ton of tension in that corner–it was really awkward to upholster–and the fabric just wasn’t strong enough or stretchy enough.  We contemplated covering the edges in ribbon, but didn’t love look.  So, with sad little hearts we reupholstered it.  Actually, we were kind of okay.  I mean, we loved it.  Of course.  But it is just fabric. And (!!) I can still make a cheeky bolster pillow for Greta’s bed with the remnants.

When picking a fabric to RE-reupholster with, we knew we were looking for something with a little stretch and a lot of durability.  So we decided on velour.  White velour.  It’s pretty, soft and cozy and really not coming through in these photos at all. Stretching it into those tight corners was a lot easier than last time so we are hopeful we won’t have to reupholster again.

As a sidenote, I am still trying to get used to the new wall color.  I think the white pelmet really makes things fresh and crisp, but the wall color detracts from that freshness a little.  We’ll see how I feel after the grasscloth goes up–since it was chosen specifically to coordinate with it.  Am I opposed to painting the walls again?  Absolutely not.  Painting is my favorite thing!  Walls, canvases, Greta’s little fingernails–I love it all.  I actually have this dream about documenting painting the same room with the same decor, 50 different colors just to see how it changes the vibe. I think it would a cool experiment.

Lastly, after all of your supportive comments on the curtains post, we are 100% adding a pop of colorful trim to the curtains.  Especially now that there is a big sea of white to break up.  It’s on the agenda for this weekend, along with grasscloth, art and a few other surprises.  What are you up to?

Happy Weekend, friends!


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