Our House In 3ish Minutes.

I have this cough that is no joke right now.  It is giving me a serious ab workout and I sound like a barking dog.  It’s nuts.  And my throat is so raw.  But, I kinda think a cough, especially one not accompanied by a runny nose or any other sickly symptoms, is the way to be sick.  I don’t feel as guilty about laying down on the couch and playing blocks with Greta with one hand while I work on my abs, I mean cough up a lung.  I’m multi-tasking.

But before that killer cough settled in over the weekend, I filmed a new house tour! Since Chris took Greta to the store to pick something up really quick, I only had time to shoot it once.  And of course I went on and on about every detail.  What’s in our fridge?  What I am reading?  The red doors in the basement? Illness was obviously already overtaking me.  So, to spare you the time (and me the embarrassment) I sped it all up so it is only about 3 minutes and put a real catchy song over it that I think you’ll like and even some text so you can mute it if you’re at work or something.
If you want to see where we started, I  finally updated the photos on our house tour tab (besides Greta’s in progress room)! We moved into this house 1 year and 8 months ago, and while the progress is amazing, even for us, to see–more than anything, it motivates us to keep going.  There’s still a LOT on our to-do list. Really, we’re just getting started.Psst. You can check out previous house tours here, here and the first one here.


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