You-Can’t-Go-Wrong Gifts for Him, Her and Littles.

1. Moroccan Oil.  This is actually on my hair’s wish list.  But tomato, tomahto. $23.99
2. Eyelash extensions for your sister, mom, aunt, bff, and/or yourself).  I just got them for the first time and I feel ready when I wake up in the morning (!!) for all the Christmas and New Year’s parties on our calendar. Local? $75 for a full set ($35 for a fill in 3-4 weeks). Call Stefanie at 801-427-8853 or shoot her an email.
3. An Ampersand pillow she’s been eyeing for a year. $19.95
4. A book that she can feel good about dropping everything and reading. $17
5.  Every grown woman aspires to have a cookie jar, am I right?! $24.95
6. A chunky, gold chain necklace to go with everything. Similar for $28.
7. My go-to sweater this season.  I’ve already dressed it up and down…in a week. $24
8. The new “Hush” velcro silencer for Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper bags.  This is a game-changer for moms everywhere. $20
9. Sharpies in all the 80’s glam colors her heart desires. $16
1. There’s nothing sacrilegious about letting him go crazy with flavors and do all the cooking. $22
2. Chris has these VonZipper sunglasses and *swoon* they look gooooooood. $115
3. Convertible gloves for when he wants to bundle up or break open and…send you a text. $25
4. DoTerra’s “Balance” essential oil blends spruce, rosewood, frankincense, and blue tansy with fractionated coconut oil to create a warm, woody aroma and a tranquil and balanced man.  Win. Win. Win. $27
5. He wanted to see it on opening night–he’ll want to see it wrapped up, too. $15
6. You know he looks good in a tie, with this he’ll look real good in one. $60
7. A hip pack for his back to store his laptop, iPad, and organize everything else he currently stores in his messy bag. $100
8. A seriously cool smoke print for his office–photography at its finest, I tell ya. $78
9. Christmas isn’t Christmas for him without unwrapping a tool. This one is a must have. $100
1. Melissa & Doug’s Nativity Set, so they can play manger (were we the only ones that did that?) and be reminded what all the hoopla is really about. $21
2. We got this wheely cow for Greta last year and it is still a roaring rolling success and hit among all her friends.  Bonus–it looks good hanging around the house, too. $45
3. They hate the doctor, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love to pretend they are one.  They will. $22
4.  I used to choose this as my library book every week and it is still a classic and a favorite.  And maybe, if you’re lucky, it will encourage naps. ;) $12
5. A cool, comic book pillow for their room. $49
6. Cuties for your cutie.  You know they’ll eat them up like candy. $3-$6
7.  Farm animal hand puppets and an Old MacDonald sing-a-long.  Old MacDonald sing-a-long not included. $4
8. Greta has these converse and they are cute, practical, gender neutral, easy-on shoes that we all love. $27
9. A little fox dress because how could you resist?! $62


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