Squinting and Staring at Grasscloth Samples

We are plugging along in Greta’s room.  Because there are so many elements going into it–we really are stripping the room of almost everything–it is taking a lot longer than we had hoped.  And then there’s the fact that Greta-the-Great sleeps in there every night, which is when we tend to get the brunt of our work done. But on the positive side, decisions are being made and projects are a-happenin’ that we can’t wait to share.  The biggest behind-the-scenes research has been for the grasscloth wallpapered accent wall (check out the whole mood board for Greta’s room here).  It has taken weeks, but we have finally made some progress.
Two weeks ago, I packed up Little and several dumdums and headed to Lowe’s.  Well, first we headed to Home Depot, but ours didn’t have a wallpaper section. Get with it, HD! So we went to Lowe’s and looked through all their grasscloth wallpaper books and I fell in love with two–both of which turned out costing a small fortune, even though we were only doing on little wall.

Hmph.  When I asked about ordering samples and/or rolls, no one really seemed to be able to help me.  “Oh…um….you want to….buy this???” I got the good old fashion run-around before I threw my hands up in the air and left.  I ended up going home and ordering samples the new-age way–online.  From Home Depot, because I couldn’t find samples on Lowe’s website.  Maybe that was the same problem the employees were having??  I would have loved to support a local wallpapering company or even a not-big-box store, but the reality is–we’re on a budget with this revamp, so Home Depot it is.

The samples arrived Monday and I hung them up immediately on Greta’s wall and stared and stared and squinted and stared.  Of course every screen is going to make these look different, but check ’em out:

First impressions??  I will say top, middle immediately got nixed.  And then it got harder.  Bottom left didn’t feel warm enough and top left felt too solid (although it is really beautiful in person).  It came down to the top right and the bottom right and as of now…

The bottom right is winning.  It is actually a faux grasscloth (not all of the samples were)–which I love and hate. It is completely scrubbable and durable which will be great and kinda necessary for a two year old’s room and it is very affordable, but although it has the look of real grasscloth, the actual texture isn’t there.  I’m going to stare at it a little more before I pull the plug.  What sample were you rooting for?  Where do you stand on faux grasscloth?


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