Our Season’s Greetings. To You.

And now, this year’s Christmas card:

While we wanted the front to be clear of any text to highlight the art (more on that in a minute), Chris wrote a little blurb for the back as a short kind-of-summary of our year.  And in case you can’t squint your eyes and read the above, but are still interested in what it says–here’s the write up:

In the spirit of reflection, we’d like to share with you a few things we learned this year. It’s a short list, because we kicked 0’12 off with a pretty stocked metaphorical pantry, but these lessons are worth their weight in rhodium and it would be selfish of us not to share. 

1. Focus on the big picture. For example: “Hey there’s an ugly half wall there, and it needs to not be there.” Evaluation over. Permits; electrical wiring; portions of the foundation that stick out uncomfortably far, requiring the ugly half wall to be there in the first place; those are all just details. 20 or so exploratory holes drilled in your ceiling are less important than having recessed lighting. There’s a time for asking questions, and a time for pullin’ the trigger. And once you’ve pulled the trigger the time for asking questions is over anyway, so just go with it.

2. Everyone loves free stuff. Unless of course that “free stuff” is a giant eye sore of a dog house. In that case, the only people who like free stuff live 40 miles away and show up in their girlfriend’s Rav4 only to discover you weren’t kidding when you said the dog house was huge. 

3. Potty training and potty trained aren’t the same thing.

In a more serious tone, 2012 was a big year for our little family. Lots of trials, lots of adventures, and lots of blessings. We are grateful every day for the people in our lives, past and present, who have inspired us to be better today than we were yesterday. Thank you for your example and we wish you, and yours, a Merry Christmas.

At the bottom of the text, we gave credit for the illustration on the front to our dear friend, the talented, Lance Fry.

Lance and I actually met during college.  We were both studying art and spent a lot of hours in the art building together.  He, with his pencils and watercolors, producing mind-blowing illustrations and me plugging away with various mediums still trying to find my style footing.  Post-college, Lance is the real deal–an artist making a living as an artist (check out more of his work here). When it came time to brainstorm about our Christmas cards, we were itching to do something new and different and loved the idea of supporting an artist. Chris and I knew we could trust Lance to capture our little family’s personality with his ink and paints.  And he really, really did.  We couldn’t be happier with the result–Greta’s face, holding her favorite toy puppy.  Me, with a pan for Chris behind my back. He, with brushes for me.  Our house in the background decked out for the holidays.  All details Lance thought and executed perfectly, right?! Oh and ladies…he’s single. ;)
We will be spending the rest of this week with our families and loved ones (and hope you are, too!).  We will return, refreshed (although probably ready for a sugar cleanse) and anxious to wrap up Greta’s room on January 1st–with a new blog look, too.  So much to look forward to.  So Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Season Greetings to each and every one of you.  Mean it.
Psst. This year, Pinhole Press printed our Christmas cards.  While they did it on their dime, they didn’t pay us to write a positive review.  So, you should know–the cards are thick and lovely.  The illustration is clear and the color is spot on and the text is crisp. But, (and this is kind of a big but in our book) they took three weeks to get them printed and shipped to us. So, there’s that. 


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    Hi! I just found your blog after searching the phrase “couch too big for room” or somethng like that. I’m seriously having a problem right this second with a couch that randomly became too big after my hubs had some friends come over for the Oregon Ducks game. Anyhow. I love love love your honest product review. You too are awesome.

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    awesome christmas cards! i loove that painting of you three.. so cute.

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