Blue Christmas and Big Snowflakes

Are we still decorating for Christmas?!  Goodness.  We are.  Actually, it has proven to be a good thing we started decorating for Christmas when we did, because it has taken us weeks, on and off, to get things out and up.  For instance, before leaving town for Thanksgiving, we put up our tree and decided to go with a blue and gold theme–which worked since we had blue shatter-proof ornaments (and I can’t stop singing “I’ll have a bluuuuuuueeeee Christmas without you“) tucked away in the Christmas stuff. And that was that.  Even with a hundred or so bulbs, it still felt empty and I was anxious to revisit it.

Also right before we skipped town, Chris got up on the rooftops (click, click click!) and put up our exterior lights on a warmer day.  The whole time he kept saying how much better the experience was this year compared to last–when it took for-ev-ver and he came in with freezing hands covered in cuts. Poor guy.  So, yeah–Lights up when the weather is still in the high fifties, for the win.

And then everything at our place got put on pause while we headed up north to visit our parents for Thanksgiving….and decorate their house. It takes my mom three days to put up her tree and decorate the house herself, so we are happy to all pitch in and help.  While my sister, mom and I were busy indoors reminiscing about every ornament (no wonder it takes so long), Chris, my brother in law and Dad were outdoors, putting up the life-size nativity I painted for my parents a few years ago.

With all of us working together, it still takes a full day.  And I didn’t snap a single photo of my mom’s indoor decorations.  Just close your eyes and imagine every nook filled with something Christmas.  It’s quite amazing. As for us, we’re still minimalists when it comes to Christmas decor–but we do like to add something every year.  This year, I picked up some oversized ornaments at the dollar store, thanks to one of our reader’s suggestions.  Big snowflakes and bulbs really helped fill in our tree while still keeping it Greta proof.

So now, with the addition of about $23 worth of ornaments…from the dollar store (which, I can definitely say is the most I have ever spent in one transaction there) our tree is looking filled in and flirty.

I must have some sort of problem through, because I still want more ornaments. Eeee. Next year. :)  As for everything else, like I said–we are minimalists.  I rehung our wreaths going up the stairs like last year (

And a little nativity scene from my parents and garland and gold glass ornaments (away from Greta’s reach) took their place on the fauxdenza.

It’s nothing really innovative or even different–more of a here’s-how-Christmas-looks-when-you-don’t-have-a-ton-of-Christmas-stuff, but if you take one thing away from this blog post it should be get your bum to the dollar store and pick up some of those big snowflake ornaments.  You’ll be happier.
Oh, and I guess, put your exterior lights up before it gets too cold.  You’ll be warmer.
Did anyone else get their decorations up recently?  Feel free to link in the comments section.  We just love looking at what others do and getting inspired.  Also, How was your weekend?!


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