The Fallification of the Living Room and Ramblings

First.  I can’t type another word without thanking you all for the sweet health-filled wishes.  I am on the mend and yesterday, our anniversary, I was able to spend some real time up and out.  We went shopping as a little family and had fun playing with Greta.  Somehow I even found myself on a kid-ride with Greta, The Frogger Hopper.  I was the only one screaming–because it was terrifying!! Chris caught the whole embarrassing thing on video:
In the evening, we got a sitter for Greta and went to a nice restaurant where we ate course after course and reminisced on the last four, fabulous years.  It was a perfect day.
I also found some time to Fall-ify our living room while spending nothing.  The urge to decorate for Christmas has been strong since I put away the Halloween decor last week and I realized it could be because things just felt…empty.  It could also be because decorating for Christmas is the best, but filling our empty fauxdenza with fall decor post-halloween has proven to be the perfect solution for getting us excited for Thanksgiving while simultaneously holding back all most urges to deck the halls for Christmas. Like I said, I just gathered things we had around the house that fit the season like adding an orangey-gold pillow to the couch and a golden yellow cable-knit throw I got from Joss & Main a little while ago.

I perched a large-ish velvety pumpkin I picked up at Ross (pre-halloween) for $3 on a stack of books.

In fact, all of the pumpkins on our credenza, we also picked up before Halloween and they are still going strong.

On the left, I paired our big salmon gourd with a photo of us with the same salmon-y undertones and a smaller velvet-y pumpkin that ties in with the big maple leaf I picked up outside and put in the easel frame from West Elm.

On the other side is our boulder collection. Just jokes.  But really, mixing three quirky-cool pumpkins with our big wooden ball kinda makes for an autumn boulder party that just works…for us, anyway.

It might seem small and insignificant, but any effort to resist decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving is huge.  Especially in the blogosphere.
Last item of business since I’m all over the place today (we covered health, tall people on toddler rides, anniversaries, and Fallification of living rooms–yeesh), last night we were watching Gossip Girl on Netflix and Serena got a new room at Columbia and I died when I saw it.  I died and I started planning for Greta’s big-girl room all over again.  In. love.
Of course the trimwork and molding do wonders for this room–something Greta’s room doesn’t have– but I am hopeful in pulling off something similar for Greta’s room. You can find more photos of the set here, along with all the other drool-inducing spaces of Gossip Girl.  Let’s just pretend that’s why I watch the show.  ;)
Happy Weekend, friends!


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