Plan A Gifting Scavenger Hunt

As you probably know by now, thanks to Tuesday’s blog post and all of the birthday festivities captured on our Intstagram, this week I turned 27.  A few of you have asked what Chris got me for my birthday, but before we get into that–let me show you how he gave me my gifts.  Because really, it made for the sweetest, most fun birthday ever.

On Tuesday morning, for almost three and a half hours, I was sent a little photo message from Chris (all pictured above) every ten minutes containing a small wrapped present in front of some object found in our house or garage.  There was no hinting that this scavenger hunt was going to happen beforehand, but with the first picture came the text “find me.” And I did. Over and over and over again. Can you believe that there were some photos that I had to look at for a really long time to think of where that silly wood carved face from Mexico is in our house, or what angle of the Christmas tree am I looking at, or which curtains are those exactly?!  It’s true. He hid things in almost every room of our house, except the bedrooms, because Greta and I were fast asleep when he hid all of the gifts and snapped a quick photo with his phone while doing it. As for what was inside these small packages (aka, to finally answer your question of what Chris got me for my birthday) 16 tubes of paint to restock my diminishing collection: 

Each tube was individually wrapped–that’s the key to this gift-giving scavenger hunt of a game–wrap everything separately!  He also wrapped up four pairs of earrings that I have been eyeballing from Windsor store:

Hoops are my thing, so these were a no-brainer must-have for me.  And the gold diamond studs, black and gold rimmed studs, and the crystal studs melted my heart.  How do I end this without sounding braggy about my husband who also got me an iPhone 5 and a Lifeproof case a new paint palette and everything else in life that brings me happiness!?  Too hard not to brag about him. (mushy. mush. mush.)  Chris did a stellar job. With the gifts?? H-yes, but the thought he put into giving them to me made my birthday so memorable and my best yet.  You gotta do this for someone you love.  You just gotta. 

Happy Weekend, friends!


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