Abstract Toddler Art

Greta and I have been “working” closely since the studio was completed.  She absolutely loves watching me paint away and often times is happy to sit on the floor and hand me brushes that she thinks I should use.  Inspired by this mother who let her daughter play with her paints and brushes, I thought it was about time I let Greta get down and dirty with mine.
I even captured the whole painting process in a time-lapse video for you.
The whole painting took her about 10 minutes (which I sped up to just over 2 minutes), which is 5 minutes longer than I thought she would last.  An important note is although I wanted Greta to have absolute freedom with her brushes and brushstrokes, I still chose the colors–which is really important if you want to frame and hang your toddler’s art on the walls.  Don’t give them all the colors at once or you will end up with a big brown mess.  Let them have fun with all the blues and then all the purples and after those dry a bit, hand over the yellows and pinks.  It’s still their masterpiece.
Since I really wanted some Greta art for the gallery shelves in the stairway we’re working on (that will be blacks, whites and grays), I gave her two pots of water-downed mistints I picked up at the hardware store–a dark charcoal and a warmer, lighter, blueish gray.

As her mother, I am 100% unapologetically biased, but she hit it out of the park.  I especially loved when she was running back and forth getting more brushes.  All the different brushes must be her favorite part.

I gave Greta an extra large canvas on purpose so that she could go crazy and create lots of interesting brushstrokes without worrying about running out of room.  After she was done, and the paint was dry, I framed two smaller sections of the large painting that will be displayed on our picture ledges.

Not too bad, huh!?

I have been waiting 2 years to frame some of her artwork and I can’t wait to fill our walls with more.  Do you have your children’s artwork on display?  Any other cool art ideas you to share?  Also…I am turning into one of those moms that’s beaming with pride. :)


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