Semiflush Drum for the Win

I love looking at before pictures of spaces in my house.  It is quite amazing how a room can look so bad.  And although the carousel horses stenciled around the borders and the circus valence may have you mesmerized, don’t forget to get a good look at the previous light fixture:

Because, like most of the things in this room–it’s gone now.  Thank goodness.  Our new light fixture for the studio arrived while I was gone last week.  And although our weekend was short before Chris’s next work trip (this month is jam-packed with traveling engagements. boo.), we did squeeze in 30 minutes to get it installed.

At the beginning of May, we let you readers vote on which fixture you would like to see in the studio and after 500 votes, #5 barely held the lead.  In fact, I just peeked again and #4 is ahead by 2 votes.  There won’t be any exchanging–I’m too in love now, and I have a feeling you’ll agree once you see how it looks.

Chris has installed a lot of fixtures in our home, so I wasn’t too worried about how we were going to pull this one off.  I mainly just stood by and snapped photos.  There was a time when I had to hold the fixture above my head for several minutes while he secured wires and such.  It was painful.

I was glad to go back to standing by and crossing my fingers the new fixture would completely cover the area the old one did.  No one likes to break out the paint again, amiright?

After staring at a technical drawing for a few minutes (I love those) and a few more minutes (like 30ish) later…

Chris had it hung and the electricity back on.

It really is perfect for the room…that has become a little bit of a construction zone as of late.  Here’s hoping I can get that cleaned up and move some furniture in today!

Anyone else hang a new fixture lately?  Or maybe just fall in love with one?  Are you regretting your vote? If so, stop right now.  :)


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