June 2012 Chalkboard Drawing

After a month of traveling, Chris and I are happy to be home, but more importantly, happy to be together as a family again.  When I was almost 18, my parents moved from Pittsburgh, PA, where I spent my entire life, to Idaho.  Since that move at 18, I have spent time in Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois and Utah–and while Pittsburgh will always be considered my hometown (I think), I have learned that my home is now wherever Chris and Greta are.  That’s where I want to be.  That is where is sweetest.  This month’s chalkboard drawing is a reflection of that timeless adage refreshed in a modern and simplistic way.
It was my first drawing done in my new studio and i am digging photographing the white walls against the (not so) crisp black board–may be time for a new coat of chalkboard paint, eh?
Where is home for you?  Is it a place or with someone?  Wherever it is, I hope this weekend you find yourself in that sweetest of sweet place.

As usual, there is a limited number of 11×14 prints of this month’s chalkboard drawing available in our Etsy shop.  Click here to purchase yours.

Happy (belated) June, friends.


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