I Guess We’re Gonna Get Our Hands Dirty.

Well, we didn’t win that $75K exterior makeover we were pining for, but someone much more deserving did (Congrats Pohls!).  Also, I have given up on yard crashers coming to the rescue (not really, but I heard if you act unsure they are more prone to picking you. eeeep.) So now, we are taking matters into our own black-thumbed hands.  I have spent the majority of Greta’s nap time researching what zone we are in and what plants and trees are going to work best in our yard.  Our backyard is a blank canvas…err almost blank (we cannot get rid of the blasted dog house! bonfire?), while the front yard needs an overhaul.  We are not rose people.  In fact, I can’t imagine how anyone with small children can appreciate 10 rose bushes (yes, that number gets higher every time I speak of them) lining the perimeter of their front yard.  Needless to say, we’re on the hunt for friendlier, lower maintenance shrubs.  Inspiration is happening, people.

Check out our Home Exterior board to see more of what we are workin’ up over here.


  • Good luck with everything! I actually really want some shrub roses for our front beds, but I love our hydrangeas, day lilies and azaleas too. :)

  • Reply December 31, 2012


    Bummer about not winning the $$$$ that would have been sweeeeet!!! Exciting about getting started with the yard. I love what YHL has done with theirs, simple and clean lines. I like their bark too. In the south, we go with pine straw….muuuuuch cheaper. It looks good for a few months, but the pine straw breaks down and gets flat pretty quick. I guess bark fads and looks pretty dingy after awhile too….ummm, rocks?! LOL only in Arizona do they do rocks. Just go to home depot. They will get you everything you need :-)

  • Reply December 31, 2012

    Chris loves Julia

    Ugh. We have rocks right now in one bed and it is the worst. We can’t wait to replace it with a nice, dark bark. East coast yards are automatically more lush and beautiful. I am scared to try to plant anything in this dessert.

  • Reply December 31, 2012

    Chris loves Julia

    Too bad you’re not closer. I’d let you have all of them!

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