Words of Admiration

I’m new at this.  We’ve only been reviewing and accepting sponsors for a whole whopping week, but I am thrilled with the shops that we have taken on.  Their offerings are beautiful.  Their prices are affordable and we eagerly give each the Chris Loves Julia stamp of approval.  We are honored to introduce you to:
Birds of Ashmae.  The girl is a wonder with watercolors.  From her colorful little animals to her contemporary LDS temple paintings–you could make an entire gallery wall from her work.  Check it
Doublclik Print Shop.  Andi’s magic wand is her camera–offering jaw-dropping photos of sites around her home in Mexico.  She has also whipped up large posters of popular faces and quotes that would be perfect for a classroom or even your home library.  See the whole shop she-bang.

Handmade Happiness is the new kid around the Etsy block.  The fabric she chooses for her extremely affordable pillow colors and custom curtains makes me seriously consider re-doing an entire room in our home just to accommodate one of her pieces. Classy, she is. Dive in here.

The Idea Box is the brilliant mind that is making life into a game.  From chores, to masking tape (yes, masking tape), to birthdays, to story time–she is offering hundreds of ideas in the form of tokens for children of all ages.  Choose your favorite here.

Drool-inducing, right?  I’ll be back in a couple hours to share a family room update!  
Are you interested in advertising on Chris Loves Julia?  We can’t wait to hear from you.  Check out our Advertise page and shoot an email to sponsor@chrislovesjulia.com


  • Reply December 31, 2012

    Jessie McKinley

    Ohh I LOVE Birds of Ashmae. I’m actually picking up one of her prints today at Campus Craft in Provo…of the Manti Temple, where we were married. So excited!

  • Reply December 31, 2012


    What awesome sponsers! I love Andi’s work! She is so talented!

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