We made it.

Greta and I made it all the way to Idaho.  She didn’t nap the whole drive.  (!!)  After about 2 1/2 hours of talk radio and reaching back and tickling her feet for entertainment, I realized she wasn’t even looking tired.  My heart was sinking–I guess the Benedryl I gave her for her runny nose wasn’t making her drowsy because I had to mix it with juice for her to actually take it.  Dang.  I pulled over and put The Prince of Egypt on for her.  Harrison (our Acura) has a dvd player.  We rarely use it, but for this kind of occasion, I was so grateful we had it.  She watched the entire movie without making a sound and that got us all the way to Rigby.  I let the menu screen replay for 15 minutes and we were there.

Nothing is baby proofed.  Piano music and books and purses and whatever else is within Greta’s reach is getting moved around, but she is being gentle, and I am going 2 miles a minutes trying to keep up with her and making sure everything gets back to where it was.  Meanwhile, everything in my reach is getting moved around, too.  I am not tackling any paint projects (we’ll save that for a summer trip when I have more time), but the pictures in the house are being moved all over.  I’ll be sure to snap some pics and share, because I am sure someone has a home that could be improved with a few flips of some frames. Stay tuned for that.

A special treat before all my sisters get into town?  Seeing one of my old companions from my mission,  Laura.  This is gonna be a great trip. 


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    Rachel Evon

    that’s a mighty classy name for a car. mine is named Dallas. naming cars is the cool thing to do.

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    Ha! Yep. Little Typo. Thanks. All fixed.

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    I thought you lived in utah?

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