The fresh look of Corn Husks.

Greta’s Room Before
Talk about a before picture, huh?  What ISN’T wrong with this room?  The stenciling on the top and bottom of the walls.  The corner shelves which were completely damaged and covered in wax and “I love___” notes that can only be found in a little girl’s room.  The windows are missing trim.  The window valance was dirty, dusty and outdated.  Even the baseboard and carpet are old and tattered.  
Greta has been doing great adjusting to the new house, but we still feel an urgency to get her room done.  We want to hang up her clothes and have an area where she can read her books and sleep without boxes and paint surrounding her.  So, while she is temporarily hanging out in the room next door that looks eerily similar to this one (except with more of a circus theme–even more eery), we are getting our hands dirty in this room that is a little bit bigger than her current temporary digs. 
Right away Chris went to work removing the corner shelves and I put my effort in taking down the dusty curtain and blinds.  You may be thinking C’mon, how much effort does it take to remove curtains and blinds??  And shelves??  Move over, let me in!  Well, well…usually not that much effort, but we were dealing with screws no shorter than 3 inches a piece.  With Greta sleeping in the next room over, we opted for manual screwdrivers instead of our electric one–for about 10 minutes, or the time it took to unscrew ONE.  After that, we threw our hands in the air and fought over the electric drill until we got the blinds, curtain and shelves down.  Whew.
After that we played surgeon and went to work repairing all the gashes and holes in the wall with a little putty love.  And since Chris deemed himself as a one-project-a-night guy, we called it good and went to bed.  In the morning things were looking ripe for a paint job.  I vacuumed all of the walls (yes, it is true) just to make sure there were no dust bunnies lurking that would get stuck behind paint for years and years.  The thought makes me sick.   
When picking the paint color, we went through our usual process.  I go and pick out several paint chips and tape them on the wall and Chris picks the final color.  Usually, it is my favorite or one of my favorites and we are all happy.  In this case, he picked the exact one I would have chosen and we opted to get a paint and primer in one for a few extra bucks for optimal stencil coverage.   The color of choice? Behr’s Corn Husk Green.  It was so fresh and maybe a little unexpected for a little girl’s room.  And we are thrilled with the results: 
The color looks different in every one of these photos.  It is actually quite a bright chartreuse that is going to be the perfect backdrop for our other plans for the room.  You may notice I painted right down to the baseboards–we are getting new baseboards (the current ones are in terrible shape), and crown molding and carpet.  New natural woven bamboo blinds and white floor to ceiling curtains.   Lots of pink and blue and wood accents and playing with all-things-G.  Giraffes, gummy bears, grandmas and grandpas.  Chris and I were brainstorming this concept last night before we went to bed and we could BARELY think of anything “G.”  So, we may just scratch that idea, or we may run with it.  We’ll for sure let you know when we arrive at that point, but as for now–what are you thoughts on Greta’s new, sunny room color?!  Would you go this bright?


  • Reply April 6, 2011


    Why did I think Corn Husk meant…yellow??? ummm paint color names confuse me. But!!!!! That green so FABULOUS! I am planning on switching Brin’s room around soon just for a new look. She’s rarely ever up there to “play” so I’m thinking I need to utilize the space for an alternative play area. Espcially when she gets tired of the usual downstairs. SOOO I am going to make a fun area and rearrange her bedroom furniture. the only thing I CAAAN do without painting.

    I can’t WAIT to come visit after everything is done. I want you to show me EVERYTHING. New carpet and crown molding….!!!!! YOu guys are awesome. I always think of you when I’m watching HH or anything on HGTV.

  • Reply April 6, 2011


    Thumbs up to the color and for your ambition! I think you wanted a project house, and know you love brainstorming all night what to do next. Every room a canvas!

  • Reply April 6, 2011


    i love the color, so bright and fun. man that before is so 90’s. stencils were SOOO in. i had some in my room, i’ll admit. but we weren’t the ones the put them in there, they came with the place (i swear it) and we painted over them when we were older.

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