Bringing Back the Shag

There is no doubt history repeats itself. This is especially true in the fashion/design industry, but it trickles through everything else. We are pulling out of the 80s. There are less and less neon leggings, straight-legged jeans (I just got mine) and big hoop earrings. Now bell-bottoms and extreme flare jeans and fake big glasses are hitting the stores again. I guess we’re welcoming back the 70s. Even hairstyles are longer and shaggier a la the sunshine children era. I’m not big into fashion. I mean, I like to look nice when I go out, but I rarely go clothes shopping and I have pretty much remixed the same clothes since high school. But it’s no surprise I do keep up on design and interior trends. And let me tell you, the 70s are in full force all over homes. Natural woods, revamped retro colors, wallpaper, and shag carpet.
Well, you can just call us hip–because we got our very own shag carpet.  Woot!  It was actually a few weeks ago, before we moved, when we came across a high-piled shaggy carpet at a furniture that was going out of business.  We snatched it up immediately and have been waiting to get it in our new place.  
Chris and I sitting cozy on our new shag carpet

Shag carpet has come a long way and looks nothing like the hideous stuff pictured above you might find in your grandparents or parents or your own casa.  Ours is a 5’x8′ gray area rug that will eventually sit snug in our front living room.  It will un-doubtedly be the one of the coolest things in the room for a few years until it goes out of style again.  At which point, we hope we can realize it is out of style, pass it along and avoid getting stuck in the decade.  It may be harder than we anticipate, I already know one little girl that is addicted.

Altered image of Farah found here
Retro couple enjoying their carpet found here


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