Work in Progress.

Make that workS in progress.  I realized today (as I started eyeing our huge windows in major need of cleaning on the outside) that I am working on a lot of different things right now.  And every day I can usually think of at least one more thing that I want to do THAT DAY with our sweet little apartment.  Often times, I do tackle the short little projects that I can’t WAIT to get my hands on in the midst of larger projects.  But lately, I have started doing larger projects during larger projects.  What am I thinking?  Need some examples/reminders?  Read on…
  • The oh-so-stunning curtains.  One panel down–seven to go.  Make that 1 1/2 down.  I just ran out of thread, and since I recently decided to go with the softer side of things instead of the stark charcoal, I don’t think the black thread that I have is gonna work anymore.  But, I am definitely getting more thread in the morning so I can keep this train rolling.  I know as soon as I stop, I won’t have curtains until spring–not gonna let that happen.  I plan to have them done sometime next week.  My windows will surely want me for their Valentine.  

  • Our painting project.  Yesterday afternoon, I got the entire hallway cut in and trimmed.  And THEN I ran out of paint.  Instead of running right out and getting a quart to finish the job, I cleaned my house because my mama was coming.  (Yes, she is here!!! Just overnight and we’re loving the visit.)  So, not sure when this will get done, but surely soon–because how long can I really look at that?  Not long. 
  • Oh yeah, and then there is the oil painting that I am working on for our bedroom.  I’m almost certainly officially painting over it.  Even though I never finished it, it is a little pastel for my taste.  But, I won’t be working on this anymore until we get paint on the walls in our bedroom because I don’t want a painting to dictate which color we choose, ya know?  However, once we do splash some pigment on those walls, This will become a priority on my “large projects” list.  

  • Lastly, we still haven’t set our clock back in the bathroom from daylight savings time!  Don’t worry, you didn’t miss it–I am referring to the one back in November.  We have made a habit of just subtracting an hour instead of taking 30 seconds to change it.  I don’t know why this has become such a large task.  Ha! 

So, that’s the “larger projects” list, and although I have a bunch more in my mind right now,  I just can’t add anymore to the list until I complete these.   Smaller projects will always come up and I will most definitely tackle them as I wish, but I don’t think our apartment can handle one more area of chaos.  Although, there’s no guarantee I won’t try.  :)

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  • Reply February 4, 2011


    WHOA that is an overwhelming list of large projects. I agree with your bedroom painting. I say wait until all those other projects are done, AND finish painting in your room, and THEN decide if you still want to do it. I’d hate for you to keep spending time on it thinking, “Wow I hate that painting.” Come on, it’s in the bedroom which means you will see it the first thing in the morning and the last night at night. I’d hate for you to have negative thoughts to begin and end your day!!!

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