Treasure Hunting

A couple weeks ago, RC Willey was having a promotion where the first five people to send in a recipe for their favorite appetizer would win one of those big old fashioned popcorn makers.  Everyone else who sent in a recipe would get a $25 gift card to the store.  So, I waited about 45 minutes until I was SURE I wasn’t going to win a popcorn maker (where on earth would I put that thing) and I secured myself a gift card.  This morning we (Greta and I) went treasure hunting.  
Now, I have no doubt that they hand out $25 gift cards and vouchers left and right because the majority of the stuff in their store is waaaaayyyy more than that.  But I wasn’t looking to spend major moolah today, so I headed to the as-is corner of the store (that’s where I found this gem on my last treasure hunt) and scored big time AGAIN while only spending $1.72!!!
The first thing that caught my eye I picked up.  This rustic-looking ceramic penguin:

Die! Right?  He stands about 18″ tall and I already have visions of him propped on a square shelf in the hallway just the way he is.  He was originally $29.99, marked down $27.99, marked down to $24.99, marked down to $14.99–marked down to $10!!  But remember I had my $25 gift card, so I still had 15 bones to spend.

And bones I found.  Candlesticks.  Expensive ones.  A set of 2 Bone candlesticks that were originally $139.99 (something I would most likely never splurge on) in the as-is department for…..wouldn’t you know it….$15!!  Look at these 15″ beauts:

They aren’t in mint-$139-condition–but they are soooo right for me, us and our dining room table.  Plus, now I get to go candle shopping.  :)  I love me some morning treasure hunts….especially ones that end in me forking out less than $2.


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    Wow! I love them both! You’re inspiring me to go treasure-hunting myself.

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    YAY!!!! That is awesome!!!!! I miss having day adventures with Brinley. when the weekend comes for me to actually drive somewhere in the afternoon, all I want to do is nap!!! YIKES I need to NOT do that and just say it for sunday naps.

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