And then Greta turned one.

Today is that day.  The day that we celebrate all of the days we have made it through this year, and all of the things our little girl accomplished, and the things we have accomplished as parents.  That’s what first birthdays are about.  We are such proud parents.  We are so blessed.  We have an incredible—absolutely incredible being that lives amongst us and loves us unconditionally–and we have been trusted to take care of her.  Greta is easy to love.  She has a spunky personality that includes sorting things into piles, singing in church, flirting with everyone with her little smirk, hanging her tongue out at all times and dancing (footage to follow).  She likes to give hugs and she adores other children.  Whenever she sees another baby or toddler, she squeals and crawls to them as fast as she can.  She can take about 5 consecutive steps, but right now, she is a faster crawler and she likes to goooooo.

We decorated our apartment with pink streamers and balloons and had some family over for spaghetti and meatballs.  Greta entertained us for hours.  And since you couldn’t make it–we decided to take lots of videos so you all could see our new one year old in all her birthday glory.  Enjoy.

Chris and I aren’t big cake-eaters.  In fact, we didn’t even have cake at our wedding.  So, we weren’t super surprised when Greta wasn’t into her very first birthday cake.

Greta got a lot more nice things from people that LOVE her.  She was giddy over everything!

….and then she had her own personal dance party.  Well, Chris joined in, too.

To see what Greta looked like one year ago today, check that out here.

Note:  All-things-Greta usually go on her blog, but this was such a special day in all of our lives, we wanted to document it right here.  Glad you all could be a part of it with us.

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  • Reply February 13, 2011

    Andrea Hernandez

    Oh Julie!! We feel like its our birthdays getting all these great videos of her day! Thank you so much! We’ll watch them over again all week, she can DANCE!

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