Sunday afternoon

Our church is now over by noon.  Although it’s hard on Greta not to take a morning nap (there’s just WAY too much to look at), we all get home and zonk.  And when we’re all good and rested–it’s family playtime. We decided Sundays we aren’t going to turn on the TV or watch movies.  We are just going to be together.  Yesterday, we caught a few of these moments on film:

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  • Reply November 1, 2010

    Ryan and Meagan

    I don’t even know what to say! I just love that little girl to bits! She is SO funny. And tall? Isn’t that ottoman like 3 feet tall??? lol

    She is SO good at waving!!! and her giggles???

    We love having family time on Sunday. Did I spot dominoes on the floor??? YES! THat is our desired game for Christmas!!

    Is Chris sitting on a couch?????????? Please, I need an update!

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