Bun Buddies

A couple days ago, my friend, Meagan, blogged about a hairdo.  It was a high-no-excuses-kind-of-bun.  She was inspired by her friend, Brandilyn, who also rocked this bun and her hair ended up getting a lot of attention.  Brandilyn learned the how-to from her friend, Sydney...who posted a tutorial!

I traced my steps back and watched the tutorial and tried it out myself.  When I “do” my hair, it is down and freshly washed.  This is a great ‘do to do on…like day 3.  You should watch Sydney’s tutorial, too, and get a fab new idea for what to do with your hair.  After you do, why not blog about it? :)


  • Reply November 18, 2010

    Ryan and Meagan

    It is scary how obsessed I am with Sydney now. Her blog is so fun to read.

    What did Chris think of the bun??? Ryan just laughs. he’s like, “It’s huge and on top of your head.” LOL but he doesn’t understand that a pony tail with greasy hair just doesn’t cut it. This is SO fresh. I love it. Except it gave me the same headache as headbands usually do. Maybe I had it too tight…

  • Reply November 18, 2010


    if I had hair, I’d totally join the fad. I love it!

  • Reply November 18, 2010


    and by the way, you look freaking gorgeous. why arent you posting more pictures of yourself?!

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