A One-Month’s Must-haves

Funfetti cake (her favorite) got the party started.
She begged to take her first stroll outside.

She insisted Chris feed her her first bottle.

Aunt Victoria and Aunt Patty came from out-of-town and gave Greta the perfect gift: arms to lay in.

She partied hard and then crashed….mitten free.
Totally spoiled.


  • Reply March 19, 2010

    Mr. and Mrs. Briggs


    What a doll.

    I’ll donate my arms to her! You can come sleep on me anytime, Greta!!!

  • Reply March 18, 2010


    I think every baby should have cake every month on there birthday until they are one, sounds good to me, and my thighs! I am so glad your sisters got to come down, how fun. Your little girl is so cute, with tons of hair, I love it!

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