Valentine Kick-off

Yesterday I was in Wal-Mart picking up a few things. There was a mother and father coaching their son, who looked about 7, on Valentines. He seemed really stressed on which ones to pick. I hung out in the cosmetics department and heard his dad try to convince him to get the CARS ones. His mom chimed in that he “did really like that movie.” There was silence for a couple seconds. It must have been just enough time for him to read some of the sample cards on the back of the box. Those cars must have been saying some pretty romantic things to each other because he said he “couldn’t give that to a girl. That’s gross!”

Valentine’s day was so stressful at that age. It was even more stressful for the Bradley girls because we made our own Valentines. Which doesn’t make you very cool at that age. AND that also means that the message couldn’t be blamed on the manufacturer. It was all straight from our hearts. (Appropriately) I just remember red glitter and glue sticks and construction paper covering the dining room table. What seemed like such a fun idea–I felt it in the pit of my stomach as I dropped a home-made love identical love note into each of my classmates decorated envelopes hanging from their desk. I would have killed for CARS Valentines to give out.
Other than making our own Valentines, my mom was really sweet about the holiday. She always focused it on love. Which may sound obvious–but it was about ANYTHING we loved. She made food that we loved. She bought us our favorite treats. We watched our favorite things. And we spent time with each other. She always made sure we felt that it didn’t matter if we were in a relationship, we were always loved. So that has stuck with me. And I have never had a sad Valentine’s day like so many girls I know. But I have to admit…having Chris with me this year is going to make for the best Valentine’s yet. Hands down.
This week is dedicated to the things I love most. Mwuah!


  • Reply February 12, 2009

    Ken and Patty

    Hooray! Excellent first blog. Excellent first blog. Remember Dad made some on his computer and was so proud of his coy lovey sayings? I remember one had a bunch of monkeys on it in a barrell and I remember I was going to give that one to Mike Lakatos. But, I don’t remember why. Homemade valentines. Only at our house!

  • Reply February 11, 2009


    Chris and Julia have a blog?! I had no idea! I am so excited to read it all the time. I miss the convenience of short hair the most. I used to never blow dry it or even style it. Now I look like a train ran over me if I don’t blow dry it AND straighten it. I just want it to be past my shoulders already!

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